Why professionals prefer to wear TraxcionSox

There are 3 main reasons why professional athletes choose TraxcionSox™ over our competitors.

Multi Directional Silicone  

While playing sports, speed is a key factor, but the ability to change direction on a dime is just as important. Silicone grips on the bottom of the sock allows for more stable change of direction no matter where you're going. It gives players more confidence when making sharp cuts and exploding out of pressure.


Enhanced Comfort + Fit

Cushion pads on the heel and toe allows for enhanced comfort, which when paired with the silicone grips, allows for a greater level of energy transfer when pushing off or changing direction. The elastic band on the mid-section of the foot helps to conform to your foot size. 


With a more locked in feel, TraxcionSox helps to further prevent common injuries sustained during fast movements, such as sprains caused by quick lateral movements, and the cushion assists in keeping blisters away. 


Milliseconds Count

The number of mistakes made in a game can be the decider of a match. The stakes are high when playing in a professional game, therefore, many professionals in the MLS, NISA, and USL Championships trust TraxcionSox Performance Grip Socks due to its comfortability, locked in sensation, and durability.