About Us

TraxcionSox EST. 2021

Based in Southern California

Who We Are

TraxcionSox was created to unite the sporting community by catering to all athletes. We differentiate our brand from our competitors because we aim to cater our product toward all sports. We are aware that grip socks are mainly worn by soccer players, however, we would like to be the first brand to be able to provide performance grip socks to a variety of different sports such as basketball, football, tennis, golf, hockey, track & field, and even weightlifting. Overall, we want to overcome these boundaries and reach new target audiences.    

What We Offer

Say GOODBYE Blisters! If you're sick of blisters in your footwear, then TraxcionSox have provided you with the perfect solution. With our anti slip technology say goodbye to blisters forever. We believe that comfort is imperative for excelling in your sport, therefore, TraxcionSox is constructed with the finest of materials that feel and fit wonderfully. In addition, we offer the best customer experience through our packaging and ultimate customer service. Our Performance Grip Socks are the best solution to keep your footwear grounded while playing your favorite sport.

No Compromise On Quality:

When it comes to quality, we have a zero-tolerance policy for low-quality products and services. We believe in creating a lifelong relationship with our clients.

·         Cost-Effective Solution:

We aim to deliver the finest quality products to ensure an excellent customer experience without causing a strain on their pockets. We believe in offering great value for your money.

·         Excellent Customer Care:

 We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers have a positive experience. We put importance on providing our customers with professional customer care services to build a reputation as a brand that we care about our clients. 

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer a uniquely designed grip sock that is different from the generic designs that the market offers 

  • We offer affordability without compromising our quality

  • We offer a convenient return policy so that you can let your guards off while buying from us, considering us a reliable business

  • We offer a secure and safe purchase experience from shopping till delivery