What sports are grip socks used for?

Soccer players are most commonly known for wearing grip socks. Many professional soccer players wear it in trainings and games because the sport requires many cuts and quick changes of speeds. TraxcionSox is also durable enough to handle the quick movements and cuts that these other sports socks cannot take. Another reason professional soccer players wear anti slip socks is because they love the premium feel and comfort on their feet. The main reason they wear it is to prevent slippage inside there footwear to maximize their performance. In a professional setting where it is imperative to perform at the highest levels the room for error is very slim. The traction that they gain from the non-slip technology improves acceleration times and agility. Furthermore, it will provide you with the sensation of being "locked in" providing you with confidence when digging in to make a quick explosive change in direction.


With that being said, TraxcionSox™ is created for all athletes. If you like wearing high performance socks that have a quality, feel to your feet then these are for you. Our grip socks can benefit just about any athlete with its highly breathable characteristics and elastic fit. It is perfect for running that perfect route, running a fast break, rocketing out of the blocks, or even for recreational activities like lifting weights at the gym.